China's wholesale cookware industrywholesale cookware OEM manufacturer

China's wholesale cooking utensils industry is very competitive; no single product can achieve monopoly status. Most of the wholesale cooking pots are Double Happiness, Supor, and ASD. Others are some miscellaneous brands. Among them, Double Happiness is the earliest manufacturer in the aluminum pressure cooker industry. Originally in Shenyang, it was relocated to Zhuhai in 2000, with a slightly higher market share and major buyers. It is an older people who has a cognition of the historical brand of Double Happiness; Supor was originally an association factory of Double Happiness, and it was a OEM manufacturer. In the early 1990s, it began to create its own brand and grow, and its market share is not comparable to Double Happiness. Above and below, Supor of rice cookers and electric pressure cookers also developed a relatively balanced development; ASD's pressure cooker share is not high, and its main products are wok and frying, milk, soup pot and other kit products; The leader of rice cookers is the United States. Supermarkets and small grocery stores all have their products. Supor also has a certain market. The brands like dinnerware,wholesale dinnerware sets china Galanz, Gree, and TCL are developed later; high-grade rice cookers. Pan Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, etc.; in Zhanjiang, Zhongshan and Shunde, there are also a number of manufacturers producing rice cooker brand.

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