how to purchasing a kitchen knife

When purchasing a kitchen knife, consider your own needs in advance, such as what ingredients are often processed, whether you prefer Western or Chinese style. Best to wholesale wholesale suppliers Pick the knives in the other place and try them in wholesale kitchenware the hand whether it is suitable, size and weight. If your budget is adequate, try to choose a trusted brand and a good quality tool. Material, easy to operate, easy to polish, long life, not easy to wear, and more corrosion-resistant rust; traditional Chinese kitchen knife use more carbon steel, it is easier to sharpen than stainless steel knife, but not easy Maintenance, easy to rust; ceramic knife is more antibacterial, higher hardness, wholesale stainless steel cookware sharper, not odor when cutting food, but accidentally dropped, or cut hard food or cutting board is easy to break.
When using a kitchen knife, wholesale kitchenware suppliers it is best not to chop hard food; in addition, the wooden chopping board is the most "raise" kitchen knife, because the kitchen knife can cut into the wood, there will be no "hard hit hard" situation; before use, wash, wash after use Dry it to avoid rust.

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