Sabetha Bowl

118 N Washington
Sabetha, KS 66534

Upcoming Tournament Information

Bracket Tournaments

  • Simple format; bowl against other bowlers one-on-one.
  • Then winner moves up until we have one winner!
  • Entry fee just $20.00.
  • $11.00 goes into the prize fun.

Sabetha Bowl Center Tournaments

  • Various tournaments all year round for families, individual and mixed competition. Register for a tournament today! Stop by the center and ask at the front desk or call 785-284-0505.

  Help Us Build A Tournament That You Would Enjoy Bowling In!

  • Baker Doubles?  9 Pin no-tap? Scotch Doubles?  Sweepers? 
  • Scratch or verifiable League Average?
  • Prize funds or trophies?
  • One weekend and single entry or over several weekends with multiple entries?
  • Help us make Sabetha Bowl a place for you to enjoy! 
  • Call us at 785 284 0505, who knows your idea might be named after you!